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Though we aren’t in the classroom anymore, we can’t seem to remove our teacher hats. Most of these resources have been inspired by the research and work we are currently doing to develop our edtech platform. Our hope is that those of you in the classroom can benefit from our work outside of it. May you find them useful!

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Inspired by corporate networking framework, The Reciprocity Ring, this resource gives you flexible tools to create a pay-it-forward culture in your classroom through goal-setting and peer networking strategies.


Help your students to become the thoughtful, problem-solvers of tomorrow. Use this resource to develop design, solution-finding, and prototyping skills.

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Something to help cultivate curiousity in the classroom. This package supports inquiry learning by providing “next steps” for how to proceed after you’ve identified your wonderings and questions.

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This resource is designed to help students develop the entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

Included in this package:

  • List of business venture ideas for the classroom

  • Customer survey printable

  • Business planner printable

  • Brand sprint activity

  • A step-by-step pitch-deck outline