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Hello There

Hello There

So, why did you leave teaching?

We get asked this question a lot.

We had many reasons for leaving. We had many shared reasons, and many respective ones. As luck or providence would have it, we happened to leave at the same time.

At the heart of it all: we loved our time teaching. We had the privilege of working with some incredible students and alongside passionate and inspiring educators. We didn’t leave to get away from all of it. We left in search of something: a way to give back, a way to help, a way to contribute to and advance the great work that’s already being done in education.

Our story. So far.

  • JULY 2018 // Identified a problem in education and began ideating

  • SEPTEMBER 2018 // Hit the ground running: refining our idea, designing our prototype, educating ourselves on modern pedagogy, doing market research, and developing our business plan.

  • DECEMBER 2018 // We began piloting our product.

  • JANUARY 2019 // Piloting, pivoting, networking, researching, more refining.

If you are someone who is doing research or implementation of

  • social-emotional learning

  • personalized learning

  • competency-driven approaches / 21st century skills

  • modern learning

say “hello!” Let’s keep the conversation going.

Want to get to know us a bit more?

Check out each of our first blog posts. They touch on our personal experiences as students and teachers, and what’s brought both of us to the world of entrepreneurship.

leave room: when there’s space, there’s learning

leave room: when there’s space, there’s learning

Unlearning Perfection

Unlearning Perfection