Our Story


We are two former teachers turned entrepreneurs. We’ve both taught elementary and secondary, switched grades, and changed schools. Our paths kept crossing in life and here we are.


After living the tribulations and triumphs of teachers, we are now developing a new edtech platform to better support teachers and students to meet the needs of modern and future learning.

We are champions of the learning process and are using this blog to chronicle our own journey. We want our ideas, epiphanies, struggles, and successes to live somewhere. And hopefully, this place will harbour new connections and spark conversation.


Summer 2018 is when we embarked on our entrepreneurial journey. We’re also new to blogging so it may take some time to get into a rhythm. Feel free to reach out with insights or suggestions. We’d love feedback.


We’re based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


There’s the big question.

At the heart of it all, we care. We lived the struggles and are now seeking solutions. We’re passionate and curious about how learning is transforming. We want to know more and we want to help.


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Featured as Future Ready Learning Leaders on Microsoft

See the blog post here.


Jacqueline Robillard

”Eye in the Sky”

Witty description of self will go here.
Currently self-actualizing. Give me 5 more years.

Kristina Tzetzos

”Feet on the Ground”

Introspection is my jam. Personal growth is my bread. Organization is my.. knife? And clearly, metaphors are my forte.